Thomas "House" Conklin (played by Tab Thacker) would appear in movies 4 and 5. When he was a child, Hightower used to babysit him and bounce him on his knee, but didn't recognize him after he gained so much weight due to his love of food. Like Hightower, he is strong, but is not as focused upon it like Hightower.

He first joined the COP program in the fourth film, and later graduated from the police academy as a full-time police officer at the beginning of the fifth film. House's extra weight is sometimes the source of jokes. In the fifth film, on the plane to Miami Beach, he's sitting in the middle row, and moves over next to Hightower to show him an article in a magazine, and the plane tilts to the side. The plane returns to level after the flight attendant asks House to return to his own seat, telling him the in-flight meal is about to be served.

Conklin appears in the animated series, and he often has Zed and Sweetchuck as his partners.

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