Leslie Barbara (played by Donovan Scott) is an overweight guy that could not stand up for himself, and happens to have two girl names. For this he is constantly the victim of extreme practical jokes by a group of bullies who drive an old Mack Teskey truck. In the first part of the first film, he and the photo hut in which he works (which is in the shape of camera) are thrown off a bridge into a river. He declares revenge as he is joining the police academy. However, at the academy, Barbara is still subject to some intimidation, mainly from Blankes and Copeland, who try to force Barbara into revealing that Mahoney is hosting a party without authorization. Mahoney senses he's being set up by both Blankes and Copeland and falsely tells him the party is at the Blue Oyster Bar. While at the academy, Barbara eventually learns how to stand up for himself and develops self-defense skills. This comes in handy twice. The first time was against two of his tormenters, Blankes and Copeland. Having enough of their misconduct towards Mahoney by taunting him into fighting them so they can give Harris a reason to expel him, Barbara stands up for him. He takes them by surprise in throwing the first punch by hitting Copeland in the face with a lunch tray. After he faints, Blankes got offended and punched Barbara in the face, resulting in a fight between Blankes and Mahoney. The second time was during the city riot at the end of the film when he finally faces the bullies who tormented him before becoming a cop, who taunts him again and prepare to attack Barbara. However, he is able to fend them off and put them on their backs. After the fight, Barbara demands the gang return the furniture from the truck back into the house from which they were taking it from and leave. The ringleader soon tells him that it's their furniture and were actually moving away from town because of the riot. Barbara mutters, "Oh, sorry," leaves looking a little guilty, but then smiles, with a "sweet revenge" look in his eyes. He is last seen comforting Tackleberry for missing the action.

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