Jones films
Larvell Jones (played by Michael Winslow in the movies and voiced by Greg Morton in the cartoon) was one of the key characters in the series and is famous for making sound effects with his mouth. He is one of the characters often remembered from the films, as he uses his vocal ability to make noises to play pranks and deceive both criminals and authority figures.

Jones is able to clearly imitate such sounds as a flat tire, a couple noisily eating fast food, gunfire, and, memorably, a badly-dubbed martial arts star when he defeats a pair of hoods bullying an Asian grocer. This revealed Jones' expertise in martial arts, which he continues to use throughout the series to great success, often mimicking kung fu voice-over, as he does so. When he introduced himself to Mahoney in the first film, he said he was a physician (what he said was "Monsignor Larvell Jones, MD").

Jones animated
Other times he uses his sound-effects ability solely to amuse himself, such as one time at the academy when he imagines himself playing a game of space invaders and makes all the known sound effects from that video game, not to mention dropping a passing insult at Harris, in the midst of said game..A digitized version (sounded radically similar to the earlier game over) of "Asshole" is heard.. In the sixth movie, he leapt onstage at a nightclub during a blackout (in uniform, declaring, "The Metropolitan Police Department proudly presents... me."), and launched into a string of impressions, thus keeping the audience from rioting. He also has an ability to communicate with parrots, training them to call Captain Harris a "dork."

Jones and Tackleberry are the only characters to appear in all of the movies, the animated series and the television series.

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