Kyle Blankes (played by Brant von Hoffman), along with Copeland, is often the comic foil for Mahoney and the other officers. He only appears in the first and third films. He and Copeland are Harris' favorites and he designated them as squad leaders. Like Copeland, Blankes was tricked into going to the Blue Oyster Bar by Mahoney in order to keep them away from the party at the beach. He would wind up there a 2nd time by accident when he and Copeland were trying to avoid rioters after a dangerous thug stole their revolvers. Blankes and Copeland willingly helped Mauser to humiliate Lassard's academy as an attempt at revenge because they graduated at the bottom of their class. However, as they attempt to play a video game with wrong directions, Hooks caught on to their scheme and knocked both Blankes and Copeland out.

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