Initially chief of police, Henry Hurst (played by George R. Robertson) is later promoted to commissioner. Initially, he is opposed to the new rules from the female mayor that the Police Academy should be open to all people, regardless of age, sex, physical ability, etc., sharing the same disgust as Harris. However, after the initial successes of Lassard's academy graduates, he grows to love and respect them, and goes around to special events to promote Lassard's academy and the Metropolitan Police. He is strict but fair and does not like to be taken for a ride. He sometimes appears concerned about Commandant Lassard's behavior. Over the course of the story, he develops from an attitude of intolerance to acceptance and wisdom. Because of his acquired wisdom, he can usually point out people whose actions are phony or genuine: In the case of Captains. Mauser and Harris, he usually points out what their intentions are and belittles them for their actions, mainly because both men like to kiss up to him.

He does not appear in the animated series, but is substituted by another chief of police.

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