Douglas Fackler (played by Bruce Mahler) is a bespectacled and accident-prone police officer who unknowingly causes injury and havoc to just about everyone and everything in his path. In the first film, he unknowlingly starts a chain reaction of events when he discards an apple core which hits a biker, causing the biker to accuse a rival gang member (who is holding a bag of apples) of hitting him, which ignites a fight, then culminates into a riot. He appears in the first, second, third, and sixth movies. He is seen driving a station wagon to register at the police academy in the first film, where his wife climbs on the hood to discourage him, but he drives with her outside. In a parody of the scene with his wife's reluctance to let him be a policeman, he shows similar opposition to his wife joining the new recruits in the third film, by jumping on the hood of his squad car and riding it from their home to the police academy.

He does not appear in the animated series.

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