Douglas Fackler (played by Bruce Mahler) is a bespectacled and accident-prone police officer who unknowingly causes injury and havoc to just about everyone and everything in his path. He appears in the first, second, third, and sixth films.

His wife, Violet tries to stop him from going to the police academy, but he drives off in their station wagon, and she climbs onto the hood and yells at him while he's driving. After arriving at the police academy, she is thrown off the car and lands in a bush.

In the third film, he opposes his wife's decision to join the police academy to become his crime fighting partner to strengthen their marriage. His squad car blocked their station wagon, so she drove in his squad car with the siren going off while he jumped on the hood, and riding it from their home to the police academy. He gets thrown off his squad car while his wife takes her place as a new recruit.

He does not appear in the animated series.

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