Chad Copeland (played by Scott Thompson) starts out as a cadet in the first film, and in his subsequent appearances moves further up the ranks. Upon meeting Hightower the first time at the academy, he's immediately intimidated by him. Initially chosen with Blankes as a cadet leader for Harris' team at the Academy, he stays on with the Metropolitan Police, and (with Blankes again) attempts to sabotage Lassard's academy under the guidance of Commandant Mauser. Surprisingly, even though his antics of sabotage were found out by Sgt. Hooks, he is still kept on the force. His attitude on the police beat is that of being overly strict, and tends to antagonize people akin to Captain Harris' attitude. He is also portrayed to be a bigot on many occasions, one of which offended Hightower enough to flip a squad car over with him inside.

He appears in the first, third and fourth films, and makes a guest appearance in the animated series, as Proctor's assistant in the episode "Proctor, Call A Doctor", and makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Grads On Tour". Like Harris and Mauser, Copeland has also shown contempt for Mahoney, evident when he takes an off-beat approach to handle situations.

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