Lt. Carl Proctor (played by Lance Kinsey) is a gullible sidekick to Mauser in Police Academy 2 : Their First Assignment and Police Academy 3 : Back In Training and Harris in Police Academy 4 : Citizens On Patrol, Police Academy 5 : Assignment Miami Beach and Police Academy 6 : City Under Siege.

In his debut in the second movie, he is originally assertive and staunchly supports Mauser, but is also a dimwit and in subsequent appearances.In the third film, is the second-in-command of Mauser's military police academy. Despite losing his job after Mauser's academy is closed down, he gets another job as Captain Harris' underling.

Proctor seems to bear the brunt of some of the biggest pranks, such as being seduced by Mahoney's aerobics instructor and is locked out of a hotel room naked, lifted by crane while he is inside an outhouse and placed onto the field of a sporting stadium. When Proctor hears the national anthem, he stands up immediately and shocks everyone in the audience saluting the American flag with his pants down. He is generally nicer than Harris or Mauser and is often just following orders, which he mostly manages to screw up. Another aspect of Proctor is his childlike attitude in some adult situations, like when he thought the Blue Oyster Bar was a seafood joint or saying to a bartender, "Could I get a pink - no make it a green - umbrella?" before he introduces himself to a couple of bathing beauties in Florida. Although Proctor has been subject to pranks and slapstick stunts, unlike Harris, he does not appear to show a vicious attitude towards Mahoney and his friends, either because he is too stupid to realize Mahoney was behind the pranks or he is very forgiving. In Police Academy 5, it is revealed that he and Harris are related through the marriage of Proctor's sister and Harris' nephew.

He also appears along with Harris in the animated series, in which Proctor is temporarily promoted to Acting Captain in one episode, due to Harris being hospitalized.

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